MCR GROUP – Mercury Trading and Investment Co., LTD

Mcr-Group known as MCR – VIET NAM, established under the business license number 0102007485 dated 20th Juanuary 2003, is a leading company in the field of supply of imported construction materials for prioritised national projects.

With long-term goals towards sustainable development and with the development of traditional industries, Mcr-Group focused investments in the field of service apartments and villas inspired by the development miracle of famous landmarks such as Dubai, New York, Shanghai, the two projects are: the MCR Luxury Condotel Vien Trieu Nha Trang and The MCR Resort Nha Trang including villas, gemstones museum and amusement park.


In the spirit of sustainable and professional development, Mcr-Group focus on developing these sectors  such as:

– Mcr-Steel (Supply of imported construction materials)

– Mcr-Gemstone (Well-known gemstones with numerous personal showrooms and museums)

– Mcr-Homes (Premium Service apartments and villas)

– Mcr-Bridge (Supply materials and equipments for the steel industry)

– Mcr-Plants (Supply greenery for the project)

– Mcr-Hotel (Luxury 4 and 5 star hotels)

– Mcr-Resort (Luxury Resorts)

– Mcr-School (Training courses)


With the desire to bring to market the products – services according to international standards towards a better life, Mcrgroup also gives customers a completely new experience of living and working style in any fields by passion, dedication, understanding and a sense of responsibility. Mcr-Group proud to be one of the private economic group in Vietnam.


With a professional working environment and the profound philosophy of life, Mcr-Group has grown stronger, sustainable, and have the potential to take the range to the region and the world.