MCR Building Thuy Khue

                                                                      Bathroom at MCR Thuy Khue Building

MCR Thuy Khue Building is located in the heart of the capital. It is next to the West Lake, about 3.5 kms far from Hoan Kiem Lake and 3 kms to Chuong Duong bridge. It is easy to connect to the famous places of the Capital by transportation system and modern sky train, MCR Thuy Khue includeskm apartments for rent designed and installed with luxury amenities.

With this ideal area, It is very convenient for work and relaxation. You can take a walk right to Westlake to sight green space in poetic, besides the combination of convenience building amenities will offer customers an enjoyable living experience in the heart of the busy Capital city.

                                                                        Furniture in apartment at MCR Thuy Khue Building

                                                                                    Apartments at MCR Thuy Khue Building

                                                                  Living room at at MCR Thuy Khue Building

Thông tin

  • No 39, Ngoc Lam Street, Long Bien District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

  • 0436500375 - 0436500376 - 0436500377