Development strategy

As one of the leading multi-sectoral group in Vietnam with the chain of real estate, resorts, hotels, tourism, beauty salons, gemstone museum, greenery, bridge and road construction materials and supplies the steel industry, Mcr-Group has affirmed its position and reputation in the market, consistently follow its growth strategy:

– Focus on hotels, resorts, gemstones museums with a large scale in the main cities and continues to expand in others strategic cities.

– Increase revenue growth and direct to the target customer segment.

– Invest and maintain high performance in commercial buildings, hotels and associated utilities.

– Provide imported steel materials for national road and bridge projects.

– Meet the increasing demand on the diversity of middle and high class, increase customer’s experience for growing.

– Diversity and optimize income from real estate, capital management in the most efficient way.

– Invest in capacity development on teams of services, sales, rentals, project and asset management