Corporation Culture

Mcr-Group is a destination for Vietnamese and international colleagues – who have the will to rise, to act with discipline, dedication and dare to confront the challenges, spiritual direction and have dedicated theirself for good purposes.

Each member of Mcr-Group always active at work, constantly strive to learn, strive to be perfect theirselves, always take the vision, mission and core values ​​of the Group as a guideline to regulate own behavior.

In the spirit of our best talents, Mcr-Group Culture reflect in their work as well as social cultural activities. It is high speed working style, efficiency and regulatory compliance in operating imbued all members of Mcr-Group, It creates power to boom in the field.

Enthusiasm, passion is not only at work but  the culture of Mcr-Group also features in the entertaining activities and community activities. To promote the mission -vision, the Group seeks to build up the useful programs for the staff, as well as for the community. The program helps MCR employees and communities to chang the mindset, way of doing things, shorten the time and improve work efficiency.

Each Mcr-Group members are identified and considered MCR is as their 2nd home, where they engage and spend most of the time every day to live and work. We are proud to be Mcr-Group members.