Human Resource Strategy

Human is a vital element of every business, Mcr-Group always considered human factor is the internal resources and is an invaluable asset. With the slogan: “Mcr-Group – Professional everytime, harmonious everywhere,” We aim to build a team of professional personnel, with Virtue and Talents.


Mcr-Group create a professional, modern, comfortable working environment to support labor to maximize their right to work, dedicate, develop and be honored between the interests of the Group and every member.


Mcr-Group objective is to attract candidates who are passionate and yearning to work in a dynamic, professional, speedy, creative and efficient environment – where each individual can maximize their strength in system.


Mcr-Group special emphasis on development of human resources through the implementation of training programs, raising awareness, professional qualifications for employees. Mcr-Group training systems not only improve the qualifications for employees, where each member will be a representative of Mcrgroup in anywhere, but also Mcr-Group desire to contribute to improve the quality of labor on the international market.